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May 24, 2018, 23:43

Services and Solutions of MCM

In human terms:

Medical Case Management means a continuous care and contact with the patient from the beginning of the medical issue (first contact - emergency call) until he/she is either back to health or safely repatriated in the home country. It contains the dialogue between the Medical Case Manager – the patient – if necessary the patients’ family – the locally treating doctors – the insurance – any repatriation service and further involved parties.

In medical terms:

Besides handling all medical issues on land, MCM is specialized in all diving related cases such as diving accidents, hyperbaric facilities and other diving-related issues.

Depending on client need and ability, the Case Manager may simply supply information about these services, make referrals, or may actually help the client in case of a medical problem. In this case, the Medical Case Manager assesses the patient's health care needs by devising an appropriate plan of action and coordinating the services required to execute and monitor the plan.

It also may mean to review an already implemented treatment, analyzing an accomplished treatment retrospectively in regards of necessity, sensitivity or overtreatment.

In financial terms (Cost Containment):

In the current economic climate, the Medical Case Manager must work alongside the clinical colleagues, the facilities as well as in the interest of the health insurance to effectively orchestrate the patient's progression-of-care from entry to exit.....and often, beyond.

It means monitoring the cost per case efficiency and the pricing of a specific medical care provider such as a hospital, decompression chamber or any ambulant clinic and putting costs into the right relation according to the average comprehensible price standard in the specific country.